Founded in 2013, Liposuction Surgery Centre promotes (both aesthetic and reconstructive). Our assignment will be to supply all Australians with the best quality Plastic Surgery care.

We communicate directly with individuals interested in cosmetic surgery and plastic or cosmetic procedures. We do this via e-mail, telephone, newsletters, social media, video and websites. We also refer individuals to practices, surgeons and professionals best suited to their needs taking into account closeness and specialty. We supply independent guidance that is first hand to individuals involving processes. In addition, we supply reports and news involving the most recent developments within the sector.

We’re pleased to make accessible to you our register of Plastic Aesthetic Dentists, Cosmetic Doctors and /Cosmetic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, along with advice on the processes they perform.

We’re frequently asked particular questions about cosmetic procedures but, as we’re not medical professionals, we are not able to answer medical questions. Special questions are best discussed with a qualified aesthetic physician, although you are going to find general info on over 120 cosmetic procedures in our Processes place.