Frankenstein’s Offcuts: Rubbish From a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Rubbish From a Cosmetic Surgery ClinicCosmetic surgery clinics generate various types of waste, which entail different disposal methods. One of the typical rubbish from a cosmetic surgery clinic is pathological waste. This nightmarish waste is described as human parts that may include bodily fluids, tissues, surgical specimens, and horrid kinds like slices of the labia and bits of ears. Handling this kind of waste will take more than small rubbish removal jobs.

There should be a protocol in place regarding the collection, segregation and disposal of pathological waste. So before you visit women’s beauty clinics again, it wouldn’t hurt knowing whether the tissues or fats removed from you will be “unloaded” properly.

Frankenstein’s Offcuts: Rubbish From a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

There’s a process to be followed on how to properly handle rubbish from a cosmetic surgery clinic. The first step is to determine which are pathological. Waste management companies can provide you information about the kinds of your waste stream, so that you can easily identify which is which. Next is to separate Frankenstein’s offcuts from the rest of your rubbish. Properly label them or put bright orange stickers (or depending on your local city’s waste management guidelines) on the bag. This means that the “human scraps” will be sent to an incinerating facility for disposal.

The aforementioned process is the general protocol in handling and disposing rubbish from a cosmetic surgery clinic. However, there are surgical centres and cosmetic surgeons who do not abide by the standard. For instance, a cosmetic surgeon was reported to use human fat as the “natural diesel” of his SUV. According to Outpatient Surgery, Dr. Craig Bittner of California utilised the human fat obtained from the patients who underwent liposuction. He is now facing charges for illegal use of infectious waste, aside from negligence lawsuits filed by his patients.

In South Korea, a plastic surgeon was slapped with fines after erecting a bone tower made from the jawbone shards of the patients. This was after a photo of the structure went viral. Local officials said that the clinic violated the regulations regarding the proper disposal of body parts extracted during cosmetic procedures. Not only does it look indecorous, but patients who saw the bone tower think that it is sickening and appalling.