Looking Great On Camera: Movie Stars to Video Sex Girls

Today’s female celebrities are making rounds online, not because of their laudable achievements, but because of their photos accentuating their “perfect” bodies. May it be real or not, the fact still remains that the society expects women to look good or look like sex dolls 24/7. Because of this cultural pressure, women are goaded to undergo cosmetic surgeries to enhance their appearance.

Looking great on camera is important, especially for women who work as movie stars or live video sex girls. After all, they are selling themselves in the first place. In this pursuit, one can’t resist going under the knife to achieve the ideal look of a woman.

Looking Great On Camera: Movie Stars to Video Sex Girls

Everyone is to be blamed about this cultural pressure. Men created this delusory representation of a perfect woman and pushed them into looking perfect. Women also have this unrealistic expectations of the perfect woman and forced themselves to achieve that look. The perfect solution to this problem? Plastic surgery.

Cosmetic enhancement procedures help women mask their bad genes, reverse the signs of ageing, and have that career boost. Cameras love beautiful objects. For people who work in front of cameras, being beautiful and knowing yourself that you are beautiful adds confidence to a person. More so, women’s outward appearance do them a favour, especially when landing new gigs or bringing in new clients.

Tracing the Standards

People start seeing their flaws once they reach puberty. This is the time when hormones start kicking in and changes in our body become more evident. In fact, more and more teens are going under the knife just to look good like their “idols”.

We live in a society that is obsessed about being beautiful. Women get their nose done, have boob job, and undergo liposuction, just to be the woman that everyone expects them to be. You won’t see movie stars who look fat or video sex girls who are flat chested. If truth be told, their appearance made them who they are today.

It is said that plastic surgery can defy gravity. Because of this, we now value a person’s cosmetic appearance rather than what’s beneath it.